Up Close and Personal with the Deep Blue

How did Klaus deal with turning 30?

I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and to ease the pain of aging, my wife and I decided to escape the chilly wind of Sydney to the warmth and sun of Port Douglas. And what is a visit to Port Douglas without a visit to the amazing Great Barrier Reef. Therefore I booked a RedBalloon experience for an Introductory Dive in Port Douglas.

The experience started early-on in the morning when they came and picked me from our hotel and took me to the Port Douglas marina, where the catamaran with its crew awaited us. Onboard the ship, the trip to the reefs started. During the trip the crew split us into smaller groups and gave us a lesson onboard the vessel how to operate the diving gear, how to balance the pressure on your ears and how to behave under water.

Shortly afterwards we were coming close to the first diving site where it was time to put on the wetsuit and the diving gear. With the heavy gear on we did a couple of dry run exercises and then it was time to jump in to the water. In the water we first did the same exercises in just one meters depth before going deeper to actual reefs.


Snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef

Snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reefs was amazing! There was plenty of sea life to watch and the best part of the diving was diving next to the edge of the barrier reefs where it feels like you are diving on top of a deep abyss but because you are practically weightless you just float comfortably.

The crew was extremely helpful and experienced and made me feel very comfortable going on the dive. I was very nervous at first but after a while you get comfortable being underwater.

The experience includes visits to three different dive sites. On the first one you have the introductory dive and then if you wish you can do additional dives on the other sites, or if you wish you can just snorkel.

My wife and I took one extra dive and it was definitely worth it, since on the first dive you tend to focus mostly on breathing underwater so on the second dive you can actually relax more and focus on the magnificent sea life. On the third site we decided just to snorkel which was also an amazing experience, especially since I saw a White Tip Reef Shark and a Stingray.


Sailing on the Reef

Sailing on the Reef

By the afternoon it was time to get back to Port Douglas. All in all the whole day was a success and turning 30 actually didn’t feel that bad anymore.

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