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Who doesn’t love a massage?

One reason I want to live in Thailand is because you can get the best massages on the beach for $5. Yep, a massage a day and my life is complete.

My favourite is, and always will be, a Thai massage. But lately I have been branching out a little to try new things.

A Swedish massage, a bamboo massage and a couple of weekends ago 2 hour treatment, including a full body massage and a facial, thanks to RedBalloon. I ventured to the Lotus Spa in Bondi Junction.

I never do facials. I don’t know why. It has now slipped onto my list of Things I need to do to treat myself.

For an hour my face was smothered with cleansers, scrubs, masks and creams. My neck was massaged in bizarre spots that I never thought could get rubbed, and I literally felt my skin relaxing under my therapists fingers.

It is amazing how much tension our face holds without us even being aware of it.

My face felt so light, refreshed and relaxed after it. I’m glad it came after the massage as I felt really tense during it and could not stop my racing mind.

I think it was because it was not a Thai massage and I had to battle with my mind to let go, stop comparing and enjoy the massage for what it was.

I started to let go during the rolling massage over my hips. I love hard massages, but they can bring tears to your eyes once they start kneading the hip area. This felt soft and gentle, yet released built up tension.

The soft rolls though were not what my neck, back and shoulders  needed. It’s where I hold my tension, so the deep tissue massages are what I crave in this area.

The rest of my body was so relaxed after the massage, which I think intensified the knotted up feeling around my shoulders. That was the only thing I did not like about the treatment.

Some people don’t like hard massages though and prefer the more relaxing kind. Therefore this happiness treatment would be the bee’s knees. 2 hours to just lie and let go.

During the facial my therapist left me for 10 minutes to let the mask do its job. I LOVED these 10 minutes to myself. I decided to make it my mediation time I managed to ease out the mind conversation and concentrate on feeling the healthy energy in my body.

I got a very clear indication that my body’s energy needs more chakra rebalancing. I felt as if my body was leaning over to the side. I know sounds wacky, but when you can tune into yourself,  you will start to notice how beside yourself you may feel. So I am going to take myself to my chakra rebalancing therapist to sort that out!

I also got some very clear messages about the direction my life is going. And it all looks good.


I absolutely love having time to myself  and the opportunity to take care of my body and the vital relaxation that it needs. I really want to incorporate more pampering experiences into my life.

Husband of the year was waiting for me after it with the kids after a full on morning at the park. Your turn next love.

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