Sharing the fun!

By Product Strategy Manager and dare-devil Jane

I am often asked by friends ”How is working at RedBalloon?” of which my answer is always fantastic (because it is). However the other day a friend asked “What is the BEST RedBalloon experience you have done?

I had to stop, think and remind myself that I am pretty lucky that I get to do some great experiences, whether it be product testing or even using my earned incentive points. I have been able to have a lot of fun!

So how can I choose my favourite experience when there are many?

I decided to ask friends for help, and posted a list of my top 10 RedBalloon experiences on my Facebook page and asked which of my favourite experiences they would like to do? I thought it might spark some comments to help me decide.

Here were the options..
Extreme Whale Watching out of Sydney heads
Sky Dive over the Beach in Sydney Region
Three Course Dinner Cocktails and Wine in Melbourne
Shark Diving Introduction in Manly
Helicopter Flight over Melbourne
Sydney Harbour Bridge Twilight Climb
John Bowes V8 Octane Dreams Wakefield Park
Byron Bay Overnight Getaway
The Hotel Windsor’s Afternoon Tea in Melbourne
Horse Riding and Private Picnic for 2

The responses came in, and from the 30 replies I received every experience was chosen, 5 female friends even choosing V8 driving, and a guy chose the Afternoon Tea. Another interesting find was that a LOT would simply love to do the Three Course Dinner, Cocktails and Wine in Melbourne as adventure is not for everyone.

So this didn’t really help me decide on my favourite experience, but instead I now know what some of my fabulous friends would like to do. Therefore I have decided to share the fun and surprise a few friends with their chosen experience for their birthday, Christmas, or just because.

It will be well worth sharing, as everyone deserves to have fun, feel good and be happy. RedBalloon (and I) believe that happiness starts with a drop, becomes a ripple and creates a wave. To my friends who replied, enjoy the happiness coming your way as I start my ripple…

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