My happiness summer adventures… Part 1 – Parasail!

Megan’s guide to a happy summer…

I’ve set myself a challenge this summer to experience some water adventures! My last ‘adventure’ challenge was in 2004 when I went Sky Diving (which was amazing by the way!) so I thought it was about time that I did something new!

I’m not exactly a lover of heights (I know, your thinking sky dive, parasail – she must be nuts!) but every now and then I just want to do something a little outside my comfort zone.

Part 1 of my challenge involves Parasailing… so Jordan (aka husband) and I headed to the sunny Gold Coast to make this happen! The best bit, was that our experience also included a speed boat ride and jet ski.

Megan & Jordan

Sunscreen on and ready to go!

So… our adventure begins with a lot (& I mean a lot!) of sunscreen and then the fun began! We met with the wonderful Mandy who explained the ins and outs of our 3 experiences.

First up was our speed boat ride (driven by the friendly Paul) to our Jet Ski destination. As someone who had never jet skied before, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect – I just knew it would be rather fast and bumpy! I was a passenger for the first few laps (Jordan is a bit of a seasoned jet ski rider!) and then I took the reigns for a few laps – and loved it! The one tricky bit was my lack of spectacles (no glasses or prescription sunglasses advised!) so it was more of a directed ride from Jordan ensuring I was heading in the right direction! & yes, there were quite a few screams, shrieks of laughter and pokes in Jordans ribs to either slow down or go faster during our 30 minutes around the circuit!

Next up was the much-anticipated parasail and it did not disappoint! I must admit, I was a tad bit nervous, so lucky there was a couple that went up before us so we could see what would happen. Then, life jacket on, harness secured and up we went! It was definitely breezy up and to say Jordan didn’t enjoy my swinging would be a slight understatement, but with amazing views it was an experience I will never forget!

About to go up!

Read to go up, up and away!


Flying High!

So part 1 of my happiness summer adventures ends with the biggest smile!! & now I cant wait for part 2… learning to surf!

Happy times!

Happy times!


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