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This year has passed in a blur. Some days I look at all the Christmas decorations and our Christmas Tree and think someone has played a very clever trick on us. Surely it’s not Christmas already… surely not?!?!

I am thankful to have a busy life. The kids are happy, we are happy, we fill our lives with experiences and time with each other. And since I have been blogging over the last couple of years, I feel like I have been able to document and capture the lives of our children. But somewhere in all of that, I feel like OUR life, our collective life as a family has not been honoured.

As an Official RedBalloon Experience Blogger, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to roadtest and review another experience (you can see our Father’s Day RedBalloon adventure HERE). I knew without a doubt in my mind what would mean more to me than any “thing” under my Christmas Tree – I wanted to capture our family in a family portrait – all of us. Looking back at my photos from the year, I can count on one hand the number of photos that have all six of us in, and they are usually only when we are surrounding a birthday cake!

So I looked through the local RedBalloon experiences, and found some photographers in my area. As I looked through each one, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for when I read this in the experience description:

Take an hour to remember your life exactly the way it is now.

That could not have been a better description for what I wanted. With just a couple of clicks, I had booked in my experience, entered my preferred dates, and within a day I had received an email from Jan Ramsay of Eye on Photography and our shoot was booked. When I spoke to Jan and she asked what sort of style we were looking for, I simply said that I wanted to capture a moment in our life as a family. I thought I sounded a little bit vague when I said it, but she said “I know just what you mean”. And she sure did.

We arrived at the shoot (at Colmslie Beach Reserve) and Jan met us with a big, friendly smile and we were introduced to her business partner. She took the time to greet each of the children by name, and then fell into an easy conversation with them. There was nothing formal or official – it was like meeting a friend for an afternoon play date. We wandered down to the beach, and the kids found a few pieces of driftwood and started to build a teepee. The children were encouraged to just play and do their own thing.

The result was an incredible teepee and some very happy children who had just experienced the joys of working together as a team. There is such achievement and pride in this photo.

The beach and the sand were just so beautiful, and I couldn’t help kicking off my shoes and joining them.

As we wandered back up to the park, we walked along a beautifully shaded pathway with trees that were just begging to be climbed. Fred and Katie were the first ones to start balancing on the branches, so Jan took the opportunity to put us all together in a group shot.

There were so many beautiful photos to choose from. It took me a good couple of days to go through each one, and decide which ones really spoke to us. The package included one matted print, and for this one I wanted it to be all about us – just us as a family. I wanted it to show our spirit, our relationships with each other, and who we are. And as the sun was setting, we walked through the most beautiful avenue of trees in the park. Jan was set up so far away that we could barely see her. It was just us, just as I wanted it. And she captured the very essence of our family – I could not be happier with this photo!

There is a gorgeous little playground at the Reserve, and the kids enjoyed having a play after the shoot. I loved that Jan still had her camera on the ready and caught this gorgeous shot with the beautiful colours of the setting sun shining on their faces.

We received the photos to review about 4 days after the shoot, which I loved because we were all eager to see how they had turned out. And then I saw this photo. I actually don’t remember it being taken. The very moment I looked at it, I got goose bumps. It’s not posed, it’s not a portrait, heck you can’t even see everone’s faces. But you know what, THAT is the moment. That one moment that is ME – that is MY motherhood. The overwhelm, the joy, the love. This is a photo that has captured this time in my life to a T. And to me, that is absolutely priceless.

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  1. Melyssa
    Posted January 24, 2013 at 1:54 pm | Permalink

    What an incredible family and amazing energy – the photos are beautifully captured but not complicated in anyway – I am a single mom photographer with an only now teenage son – there are maybe 2 or 3 pics of us both so I know exactly what you meant regarding few pictures – even if it is on a slightly smaller scale :p I wish I had taken a few less pics of everyone else’s bumps, babies, children, families, pets and prides & joys and taken some ‘us’ time and realized that my son would grow up so so fast – whilst I was busy busy busy – your blogging is giving a wonderful reminder to us moms out there trying to do it all :) Thankyou for sharing your gorgeous family and beautiful pics :)

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