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I don’t know if you heard the wonderful news, but a while ago I was asked to be a RedBalloon Experience Blogger. To say I was stoked is a complete understatement. I watched on keenly when bloggers started revealing the awesome adventures they were having through RedBalloon that when the email landed in my inbox I may have done a little celebrating.

As I cruised around on their site I was amazed at how easy it was and how quickly all the idea’s of things I would like to do snowballed. There are things you wouldn’t have dreamed of on there. Definitely something for everyone. However one was a clear standout from the moment I found it.

We like to take the kids on a family experience at least once during the Christmas school holidays. Something fun and adventurous. Taronga Zoo was spot on with something we would all enjoy.

So we booked the Sydney Harbour Cruise and entry to Taronga Zoo and got stuck into planning our exciting day. The kids were beside themselves. Naturally. The zoo and getting to cruise around on a fancy boat? Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet deal. A wonderful idea for a school holidays activity.

Greenie has been on an animal kick lately, and honestly it’s something I would like to give him a phsyical encounter for. We had already taken Bluey at Greenie’s age, but we were yet to take Greenie for various reasons, mostly just time. It’s funny how time stretches out in front of you, a whole life still yet to live, and yet you struggle to do things because there isn’t enough time.

Look at this guy. Such a poser.

Bluey has a thing for reptiles at the moment. The kid is obsessed! He can name at least a dozen different spiders, and will watch documentary after documentary on snakes. The reptile show was a must see because of this and Bluey was stoked when the keeper chose him from all the other people watching the show to come up the front and hold a snake. While he has petted them before I did think he might have freaked out a little to hold one but he lapped it up. The keeper seriously made his day. Year even.

My kids are quite obsessed with dinosaurs. Bluey made it his life mission or something a few years ago to learn the name of every dinosaur possible. They were excited when we realised that Taronga Zoo also had an exhibition running, Dinosaurs in the Wild. They loved that they had their own little maps and used them to go around and find all the hidden dinosaurs.

This cheeky dinosaur spat water at us!

If you have been to Taronga Zoo before you will know it’s built on quite a hill and that instead of starting at the top and working your way down you spend the day racing from top to bottom and back again trying to squeeze in as many shows and keeper talks as possible. I’ve been to Taronga quite a few times in my life, and the Seal Show has never disappointed. I didn’t think my kids would be too fussed but Greenie couldn’t stop clapping and cheering.

What a clever trick you have there seal.

Aside from the racing around in the zoo to catch as many of the talks and shows as possible, the day ran seamlessly. All we had to do was get ourselves to Circular Quay, hand over our ticket which got us a ride across Sydney Harbour on one of their boats. Once we got to Taronga we could hop on the cable cars or go up through the lower entrance. We then had the entire day to do our thing at the zoo before gliding down on the cable cars, hopping on the boat back to Circular Quay and making our way home.

My favourite animals are always the chimps. I could watch them for hours, especially the cheeky infants.

The RedBalloon site was so easy to use when looking around at what was offered and booking really is a piece of cake. You just put in your preferred date and time, add an alternative, and bam you’re done.

I’ve actually used the site to purchase some Christmas presents for those people who have everything. I mean an experience is a lot better than another box of chocolates, right?

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