Driving Larry & Kylie

The week before Christmas I got a call from Channel 7s The Morning Show. They were planning a Christmas gift to their viewers by having presenters Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies re-enact (OK, take the mickey out of) the recent John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Christmas song and clip…

They needed a convertible Mustang for the shoot, so they came to us. Thanks to one of our experience providers, we were able to secure the right vehicle for the shoot.

Unfortunately, the owner was unavailable on the day, so I took it upon myself to volunteer my time to pick up the car and deliver it to the shoot location. Actually, I volunteered my petrol-head husband Damon to do the driving! He was beside himself with excitement about getting behind the wheel of a 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8, with 6.0 litres of politically incorrect, over the top, American iron.

He was even more excited when I told him we needed to stop by the Channel 7 studio to collect Larry and Kylie and drive them to the location. “I’m going to be driving Larry Emdur?! Awesome!”

So we picked them up in the middle of Martin Place – people stopping and staring at this pair in full costume folding themselves into the back seat of a noisy V8 in the middle of peak-hour traffic. I swear Larry’s knees where next to his ears crammed into the back with a lap full of empty boxes in Christmas wrapping (props). It was amusing watching people on the street do a double-take, pull out their phones and grab a photo of the action while we were stopped at the traffic lights.

The shoot was a lot of fun – it was also nice to show Damon what it is I do everyday.   I swear sometimes he thinks my life in PR is like a scene from Absolutely Fabulous.

Here are a few pics from our day with Larry and Kylie (aka John & Olivia)…

You can watch (and cringe at) the finished product here…

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