Walking in a Glow Worm Wonderland

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I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I almost had to call off the RedBalloon Glow Worm Experience at the last minute.  My daughter was looking forward to see them and I didn’t want to disappoint her. Then, it worked out my husband could take her, and what a night they had!  This was the perfect experience for these two people close to my heart, as they both share a love for science and nature.  My husband wrote this review, and I loved reading it. It reaffirmed the importance of ensuring both my husband and I have dedicated opportunities to spend with our children one on one, and that is one of the reason why I love RedBalloon so much:  it’s all about the memories.

This is how it went (Guest post from Matthew)
It suddenly dawned on me…I was heading down to the Gold Coast with a strange girl in the car.  Ok, maybe not so strange, but my 11 year old daughter looked more grown up than ever as we picked our way through peak hour traffic toward our destination…my little girl was fast disappearing, the world ahead of her.  I was grateful, then, to have this time to share with her, I somehow managed to finish work with enough time to spare.  As we steadily drove down the highway we talked about everything and nothing and joked around as we usually do; this was going to be a good night!

The reason for our trip was to see Arachnocampa flava, known commonly as the ‘glow worm’, or more precisely the bioluminescent larval stage of this creature life cycle (Adelaide and I are both nerds, and we like it).  We had seen glow worms before at Mt Tambourine, but this place sounded like something special.  After arriving at the Golf club for dinner we were immediately served our meals followed by dessert, they were delicious, and the service was impressive.  The tour guide met us at the door and kept us informed at all times what was happening; this, coupled with the informal atmosphere of the club really helped me to relax and enjoy the time with my daughter.

Afterwards, we were taken by our guide from the club to the site of the Glow worm cave at Natural Bridge in the Springbrook National Park.  During the 30min drive the guide explained to us our destination in more detail as well as some general information about Australia as the other 6 members of our group were not locals.  Adelaide loved talking with the guide as she loves animals and they talked most of the way.  Our guide was Dutch and had been in Australia for a few years but seemed to know more about my country than I did!

We arrived at Natural Bridge.  It was a beautiful Queensland summer night, humid, fragrant; it had just been raining.  The path to the cave was paved and in excellent condition but we had to be careful not to touch the railings as a myriad of creepy crawlies seemed to like sitting there.  The cave at Natural Bridge is one of the more majestic things I have seen, the ceiling a few feet above your head is a sea of glow worms, the light they emit is enough to cast an alien-like green glow.  This coupled with the waterfall just outside the cave made for a serene experience and one I will not soon forget.

As we cruised up the highway towards home, my daughter and I sat in comfortable silence, it was late after all, but the time we spent together was priceless.

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