A RedBalloon Lunch

Originally published on The Mummy Autobiography

I so rarely get to do nice things for those closest to me. Especially those who are childless. Having young kids does that. You can do lunches, or invite people over to spoil, but your kids are almost always there.

I shared with you two weeks ago how RedBalloon sent my family and I on an adventure, and this is another fun experience thanks to them.

There are a few ways to ensure you’re in good with my family. One of them is to feed them good food. The way to our hearts is definitely with food. Very much so in the case of my sister and I.

So how does one say thank you to their childless little sister? By taking her out to lunch at her most favourite restaurant.

There was a lot of drama in my family when this was revealed. Everyone wanted to be the person, but I had already decided. After all, she’s the one I’m going to want to send my parents to when they’re too old to wipe their own bums right?

Making our reservation through the RedBalloon site was really easy. All I did was pick a date and time, add and alternative and then wait for the confirmation email to be sent to me. When we arrived there was no waiting around, no umming and ahhing over what to order just plate after delicious plate.

We both have large appetites and had a lot of trouble getting through the generous servings.

I really liked that we walked in and got to just sit there and chat vs. discussing what we would order and sorting out who was paying for what. There was the option of ordering extra food if we wanted to, and you are allowed to bring people with you but as the meal provided was only for two there would be an extra cost for their meal.

This is something that I would personally love as a gift, but I could also see myself gifting it to friends or family for any occasion as it was fairly priced.

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