A Date Night with RedBalloon

Originally published on My Mummy Daze

December. It’s a crazy, hectic, joyous, exciting, BUSY time of year.

J-Man’s birthday, Christmas, work, shopping, parties, and end-of-year all mean that December is mayhem.

A happy, chaotic, are-we-there-yet? kind of mayhem.

So it seemed almost selfish amid our crowded Christmas calendar to squeeze in a date night for Mr D and I this week.

But we did so regardless, and boy was it worth it.

For one night in this crazy month we stripped away the talk of bank balances, busy schedules and work commitments.

Instead we chatted, and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. But more importantly, we relaxed. In luxury.

As a RedBalloon Experience Blogger I was given the opportunity to head to the Gold Class cinema to enjoy a luxurious movie experience.

And oh my! What an experience watching a movie in Gold Class is!

We arrived 15 minutes before our movie, Skyfall was scheduled to start and were immersed into a world of old-cinema style.

The retro decor with Hollywood-esque furniture and lamp shades was enhanced by mood lighting and crimson hues.

The foyer and bar were divine and best of all, completely free of noisy queues and crunchy popcorn underfoot.

We had plenty of time to peruse the menu as we sunk into the funky, low lounges.

We opted for spring rolls to start, a nachos to share for our main and a hot chocolate fudge brownie sundae for dessert – AKA “A chocolate sundae as big as my head”.

I even squeezed-in a sneaky-yet-delicious Caprisosca for the occasion. Because where else can you enjoy a cocktail at your local cinema?!

Best of all, once we’d ordered our meal, we were able to select at what point during the movie we wanted each course to arrive. Bliss!

With our dinner taken care of we were escorted to our seats. Now these were no ordinary cinema seats. These were star-quality lounging recliner chairs complete with head and foot rest that reclined with the lazy push of a button.

With a small table between us for our meal to be served upon, Mr D and I lounged hand-in-hand in complete comfort as we soaked up the luxury.

Of course it wasn’t long before the perv-ilious Daniel Craig graced the screen as Skyfall began and we enjoyed our delicious three courses as they were brought to us throughout the film. Being waited on during a movie really never gets old!

We walked out of the movie so content, relaxed and happy.

On the car trip home I was hit with a jolt of realisation that happens when we have a good time together.

“Oh hey! I really like this guy!”

This is what happens when we have a date night! With no kids to wrangle and with the stress of everyday life taken out of the picture we remember that we actually enjoy each other’s company!

Hurrah for a special experience and date night!

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