The Mostest on the Coastest – A RedBalloon Review

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Thanks to the team at Digital Parents Collective for inviting me to be a part of the RedBalloon Experience Program. I will be sharing my awesome experiences with you over the next 6 months. Stay tuned! As always, all opinions are my own however the experiences are complimentary.

I read often of people having date nights with their partners. I think it sounds like a great idea, for people with partners that don’t leave for work in the evening or families with handy babysitters. I recently had to think when I last had a date with the Supertrucker, and I’m pretty sure it was 2009. And it was my besties wedding so I wasn’t even on the same table as him!

He had a bit of time off work recently and by sheer luck our big kids were staying with my parents and the littles were at care this particular day. We thought we would maybe go out for lunch or something… Then the opportunity to drive out to the coast for a helicopter ride arose and it’s a bit hard to knock that back!

I’m not fantastic with heights. In fact I’m really rubbish with them. I’m also not a huge fan of aircraft that just kind of hang in the air by the power of what looks like a couple of sticks that turn really quickly. I grew up with MASH, and those helicopters didn’t look much fun. BUT the Supertrucker was really keen so I put on my big girl boots and faced my fears.

I sat in the back because I am a total wussbag. At this point I could barely breathe for stressing out but as soon as we were off the ground I calmed down. Because not much I could do about anything at that point anyway, may as well try to enjoy it right?

With a view like this it’s easy to forget you are freaking out.

The Supertrucker ran a very thorough commentary throughout the flight, I reckon they need to hire him because he knew more about what we were seeing than the pilot ;)

Things you can’t see from a car… obviously!

Yes we were hanging on the angle it looks like. He loved it, me, not so much.

Zeally Bay (aka Torquay front beach) from the air. Amazeballs.

For a little backstory my husband is a Geelong boy, born and bred. I lived there with him for a few years and we used to love spending weekends driving the coast while he’d tell me stories of his misspent youth. For the longest time we had a little private catchphrase; ‘Love you mostest on the coastest’. That life feels like it was an awfully long time ago now, but I have some beautiful memories of the Great Ocean Road and its townships.

I can now add to those memories an amazing 20 minutes of seeing those towns we used to visit from a whole new perspective. The second we landed I wanted to do it again, it was such a brilliant experience.

Hells yeah. I got this.

And this is how it made me feel. Best date day ever!

So today I am reflecting on the massive changes in the relationship between the Supertrucker and I over the past 14 years. Four kids will do that. Living with autism will as well. But I’m so grateful we had the chance to just be ‘us’ again for a little while. Because you know what? ‘Us’ is still fun. And I still love him mostest on the coastest, even though our coast living days are long behind us.

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