Tandem Parasailing over Sydney Harbour

Originally published on Mummy Daze

Life as a step-mum can be a juggle.

Trying to balance out the time I spend with all the kids is easier said than done, especially with Big Bro when he’s only with us every second weekend.

I treasure the special times that Big Bro and I get to enjoy together, especially since they are few and far between.

So often his needs are given a lower priority as the demands of his younger siblings are forced to our attention first when all the kids are together.

So when as part of my role as a RedBalloon Mum I was asked to review a RedBalloon experience in Sydney during the Summer holidays I jumped at the opportunity to take Big Bro with me.

We chose to go Parasailing on Sydney Harbour and Sydney put on an amazing day for us.

We got up super early and caught the train to Circular Quay, and then jumped aboard the famous Manly Ferry to take us over to Manly.

We sat in the glorious sunshine as we watched the iconic Sydney views from the front deck of the ferry.

The Opera House, and Harbour Bridge stood stoically as ferries, river cats, and sail boats sailed about the glistening harbour.

Once over at Manly we met our parasailing crew and boarded our boat along with an intimate group of other guests.

After a quick run through of safety procedures and what to expect of the experience, we were all excited and ready to get out on the water and in the air.

I had a few tummy jitters, but on such a glorious Sydney day I couldn’t wait to get out and enjoy it.

We were given the option whether we wanted to get dunked into the water or not. I opted for ‘not’, but Big Bro insisted we get the full experience. Since we were parasailing in tandem I had no choice. I wanted him to have a fun time so went along with what he wanted to do.

When it came around for our turn, we donned out life vests and harnesses and clipped ourselves onto the parasail.

With a final wave and a thumbs-up to our fellow parasailers, we were winched up into the air.

We couldn’t help but smile as we soared 140 metres above the pristine harbour below us.

The sea breeze blew across our faces as we looked out across to Manly beach, the Heads and across to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We watched children explore the rocks below us and picnickers enjoy the shoreline and the surrounding bushland.

Getting dunked in the water was hilarious fun, and very refreshing. I’m glad I packed a spare set of clothes though as I was thoroughly drenched!

I squealed and giggled of course, like a typical girl, embarrassing Big Bro like all mothers should. Although he was having an absolute blast so didn’t seem to mind too much.

I must admit that at this point I became motion sick from the movement of our boat towing us around and was grateful to be winched back down to our boat.

While the other guests enjoyed their turns parasailing I spent the rest of the boat ride lying in the sun on the deck. I closed my eyes and let the sun’s warmth dry my wet skin and the fresh sea breeze ease my motion sickness.

The whole experience was so much fun, and such a great way to enjoy the stunning Sydney Harbour, despite the motion sickness.

I had been anticipating that I would feel afraid of being so high up in the air, but it felt so natural and amazing. Fear never crossed my mind.

Most of all I loved being able to share this experience with Big Bro. It was wonderful to give him my undivided attention for the day and fill his ‘love tank’ with quality time together.

Our whole day together was so much fun, and so relaxing compared to doing day trips with preschoolers in tow!

I loved having the whole day to chat, and joke and laugh together. It was so good to just hang out. I’m glad we made this time for just the two of us happen.

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