Gliding into a new perspective

Originally published on The Mummy Autobiography

As a word loving type of person, I don’t always believe in the common saying, often preferring to have a story written down to go with a photograph. I just feel like a photograph only tells part of the story and is open to viewer interpretation, which is one of the beautiful things about the art of a photograph, but I also enjoy hearing the photographers interpretation, and what they are seeing too.

As I scoured over the thousands of different experiences the RedBalloon website offers I was mesmerised about seeing the world I live in from a different angle. That changing my external perspective would help shift my internal one.
I had to go gliding.

Purchasing the experience from their site was easy. I just put in my date and time preferences, then the company that actually does the flights contacted me to arrange a date and talk me through what would happen on the day.
I also love that RedBalloon offers a refund within 14 days if you change your mind for any reason. Like if you chicken out.

As for the experience? I’m going to let some of my pictures hopefully speak to you.
It really is nothing compared to being up in the sky getting lost in the geometric patterns of the Blue Mountains and surrounds.

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