The (Dim) Sum of our Experiences

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On Sunday my good friend Jenny and I went along to a RedBalloon cooking class.  We’ve always been huge fans of Yum Cha, a regular dining experience that brings our families together.

It seemed fitting that if I was going to go along to a Dim Sum Cooking Class that I’d take Jenny along.

The menu consisted of ~

Dim Sum
Chicken Parcels
Spring Rolls
Almond Jelly

I didn’t expect to gain as much as I did from today.  Apart from actually making some really delicious food, we learnt a lot about preparation and technique.  It was really obvious that the tid bits we took away was stuff that can’t really be taught in a cook book.  Adding water to the meat to stop it from drying out.  The importance of some of the more authentic ingredients as opposed to main steam western varieties.  I learnt a lot!

My girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we’ve already locked in a night next month to host our very own ‘instant restaurant’ (for my kitchen rules fans).  We’re going to go shopping together and then spend the day prepping.  Then, we’ll serve up to our families and enjoy another quality night in.  I. can’t. wait.


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