My new favourite thing at RedBalloon…

I have lots of favourite things to do at RedBalloon: creating the perfect RedBalloon event; listening to Bruno Mars on repeat on Spotify; group interviews; sharing giggles (make that endless giggles) with my colleagues; and the newest addition to this list is hanging our with our book club.

I think the only thing better than finding a new amazing book (and finding that the book comes in a series of 5)… is having a bunch of RedBallooners to share it with.

Our book club started just over 6 months ago and we now have half a dozen members. We catch up for dinner monthly but let’s be honest… we chat about books on a daily basis!

You might be thinking… hmmm… book club – isn’t that a bit nerdy for a bunch of RedBallooners? I would say that our book club is fun, filled with laughter and has the added bonus that we chat about so much more than books!

So what kind of books do we read?

Chicklit! I’d like to say that we read a vast array of modern and classical literature but we don’t – we love our chicklit.

We love to ‘cast’ the characters in the books and retell our favourite bits.

Some of our favourite books / authors so far are: The ‘I Heart’ series by Lindsey Kelk + everything else Lindsey Kelk; anything by Paige Toon; Lucy Robinson; Shelle Summers, Lauren Weisberger and Zoe Foster.

Here is Kate, Holly and I with Lindsey Kelk (in the spots) at her Sydney book signings in February this year (I was in book heaven – just sayin!)

We also love to chat about our favourite movies and make notes to swap DVD box sets of our favourite TV shows.

Here we are (Claire, Cat, Jackie, Angela and I) at our 1st movie night watching ‘Goddess’ at George Street Cinemas:

And yes, Monsters University is on the list of movies we can’t wait to see!

So, are we your traditional book club? I think not. But we love chicklit and romcom and dream of being casting directors for all movie adaptations (well, I do anyway!)

What’s next? Well we are currently reading the Great Gatsby (for movie preparation purposes of course!)

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