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Our Senior Business Analyst Michael took a trip to Manly for some fun in the sun.

Having grown up on the Northern Beaches I’ve spent plenty of time over the years enjoying Manly’s beaches, cafés and restaurants. In saying, I couldn’t remember the last time I made my way up to North Head to check out the view or to Collins beach for a swim.

I decided to change that last Sunday by booking in a Self Guided Manly Bike Tour for myself and a couple of friends.

Starting off near the wharf, we rode around the water’s edge before making our way up Darley Road towards North Head. This was the most challenging part of the ride as the road was quite steep most of the way. Once we made it to the top though we were able to enjoy a relaxing ride through the residential areas and parks all the way to the North Head.

On our arrival we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the water, surrounds and CBD in the distance. We sat on the grass for a while to have a break, enjoy the view, and take some photos.

We began our ride back stopping by Collins beach on the way. The beach itself is tucked away behind the bush and is quiet and private. After all these years it has still remained a great place to have a swim and relax without all the noise and crowds of the more popular beaches.

After almost 2 hours of riding we made it back to the meeting point near the main beach. We had a great day in the sun and had a blast riding through Manly to see some spectacular sites. Even though parts of the ride were challenging, the workout was good fun and the spectacular views from North Head were worth it. Best of all – we had time to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat by the water!

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