The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

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There are any number of things that I forgo as a parent that I used to enjoy fairly regularly pre-kids. The best thing about that is when I AM able to partake of lovely things, I enjoy them all the more.

The last time I went to a day spa was in preparation for and celebration of the impending wedding of a beautiful friend. At that time I had one child, and he was a baby, which will tell you how long ago it was.

And whilst I love the gorgeous handmade Mother’s Day gifts that my children make for me, and appreciate those that they purchase with their Dad, as of next year I’m going to save up and make THIS my Mother’s Day gift to myself.

This is me having just dropped my younger two at child care. Mornings can be a nightmare at our place. Getting four kids fed, washed, packed and out the door by 8am whilst keeping them quiet so they don’t wake the sleeping shiftworker leaves me so frazzled and stressed out. Perhaps botox would help me look less freaked, but I guess it wouldn’t address the heart palpitations.

That scrunched up look eased as I drove some beautiful country roads to a lovely town that I haven’t been to in a long time. It was freezing cold but sunny, and the scenery on the way was just delightful. And I didn’t have to listen to the Wiggles on repeat at full volume in the car. Stress easing already.

And then I got here. Oh, what bliss awaits inside? A two hour full mind and body treatment actually. Hard life being a blogger sometimes I know.

From this point I didn’t take any more photos, because of the above. I suspect it was more than a little cheeky to take a photo of the sign actually. But I am a cheeky person sometimes.

And a liar too. I sneakily grabbed this snap before entering into a world far far away from my everyday.

I was treated to a foot soak and massage, followed by a body brush and warm oil treatment. That’s about the point I started zoning out, I was so relaxed. I then got to soak in a gorgeous warm spa for twenty minutes or so. And there were no toys in it and no one was splashing water or yelling and instead of glaring flouros overhead the room was lit by candles. Oh my.

Following the soak I was given a full body massage.

I carry tension in my shoulders and neck, even when I’m running I need to consciously drop my shoulders. I swear I walked out of the treatment room with a neck that was 10cm longer than when I walked in, that’s how relaxing it was.

This is me after two hours of absolute bliss. On the form I filled out at the start I could specify how much I would like to be talked to, which I thought was genius to include. I said very little, because I am talked at every hour of the day and many of the night as well. The quiet was as relaxing as the treatment itself!

Oh and my hair is all mussed up because SCALP MASSAGE. There are no words.

So here is what I think. Every Mum should have this kind of treatment at least once a year, as opposed to once every nine years a la my current track record. Seeing as Mother’s Day is a thing, why not make that your time to be pampered?

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