Message in Chocolate and Gran’s Fudge

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I decided to indulge in two, of the dozens, of scrumptious gourmet gift experiences RedBalloon has to choose from. The arrival and timing was perfect because I’ve had a tough week or two.

#1 – The Fudge house is renowned for its creamy-smooth fudges, specialty nut brittles (oh more), rocky road and other specialty chocolates, locally-made jams, butters and sauces. They use local butter and milk ingredients too.

I’m presently stuffing my face enjoying a selection of very delectable Fudge flavours , delivered in a beautiful hamper. It’s so simple – order (allow 7-10days – though mine took less than 5) , drool and stalk the pareel post person sit back and wait.

The ‘hamper’ of fudge was delivered in a huge cane basket measuring 48cm x 29cm x 8cm deep. It makes a lovely house-warming gift or care package for someone too.

Though who says you can’t keep and eat it yourself – it is perhaps better for your butt to invite some friends to share in the sensation. Kinder.

My hamper was filled with delightful gift boxes and a variety of Gran’s fudge tasting experiences – chocolate, rocky road, caramel, vanilla, Irish cream, macadamia and coconut ice – (depending on the season and on freshest batch) and a jar of a specialty jam and butter.

If your mouth is watering at the very thought … lucky you can’t hear me – I’m also enjoying the crunch of their divine peanut brittle.

The fudge is a Gluten free , creamy-smooth …well mind the nut versions. I know a few people happy to gobble hear this (well if you live NSW, VIC & QLD). Yummo !

The Fudge experience unlike some other experiences on RedBalloon, is a direct order product …sadly it will not arrive in time for Easter but remember Mother’s day is just around the corner.

#2 There might still be time to indulge a loved one or a friend and show how much you appreciate them with a message in chocolate —-> choc-o-gram.

Nothing speaks the language of love more than a warm melt in mouth loving thought expressed in chocolate. Resounding in both their heart and mouth…and plenty to share !

Guys or girls … say it with chocolate instead of flowers; no need to find a vase and no slimy water to change. Just select a 30 characters message to show love or care to a person (20 character messages too) …I googled for ideas and played around with the words.

Chocolate gifts do not get any get better than this ; make someone’s day by sending a ‘warm’ message of support, love, encouragement or whatever – in smooth Belgium chocolate. Surprise your spouse or tell Mum you love her ; thank a friend or show someone going through a tough time that you’re thinking of them.Ensuring it is long remembered as a very memorable and appreciated gift.

This divine Belgium chocolate is also gluten free, available in milk, white and dark (coloured is not GF) and it is available for delivery anywhere in Australia . It’s another Redballoon direct order – though if your order is placed before 3.00pm Monday-Friday – delivery is the next working day for most metropolitan areas (NSW – I checked). Other and remote country areas will take 2-3 working days for delivery.

These two experiences were sent directly for me [I sent the message in chocolate to hubby - he is my rock and everything to me ] to enjoy in the comfort of my own home. Thank you RedBalloon!

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