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Our Customer Experience Consultants Jackie and Sylvia spent a day on Sydney Harbour soaking up the sites from a sail boat.

You don’t know Sydney until you’ve sailed on its beautiful Harbour, and Jackie and I were lucky enough to spend an incredibly memorable day on the America’s Cup Sailing experience.

Greeted by James and the other guys who work magic on the beautiful vessel, the day started with a thorough briefing on the workings of the boat. They told us what to do if you want to take part in the action or where to sit and switch sides of the boat for those who prefer to just sit back and absorb the surroundings. Oh and where to stand so you don’t get hit in the head!

That's Jackie on the left and Sylvia on the right.

The guys love what they do (I mean, who wouldn’t with Sydney Harbour as an office!) and have a great sense of humour, which made the day that much more enjoyable. They make you feel at ease – we felt like we were sailing with a bunch of mates.

The AUS40 sail went up and we went under the Harbour Bridge. From where we were sitting it looked like we JUST made it – but that was obviously not the case because there were about 17 metres between the top of the mast and the bridge. Most people took turns at the grinders and the rest switched sides as we changed direction. We got to soak up all the iconic sites Sydney offers from the Harbour, a view we should all enjoy more often.

The AUS40 is definitely one of the bigger fish in the sea when it comes to sailing the Sydney Harbour (I know, bad pun intended) and we got to see so many others out there. It was a great feeling to be on one of the grander sailing boats out there, with a super professional crew that was leading a team of absolute beginners and still doing it better!

We were each given a chance to steer the boat alongside the captain. I said, “I steer the opposite way right?” which obviously showed the amateur oozing out of me. “Ahhh no,” said James. “Good, good, just testing!” Oh dear, Sylvia!

Growing up in a snowy Midwest state, this American definitely looked like a fish out of water. “Jackie, would you like a go at steering?” they asked. I said yes of course, but could only think, “I hope everyone knows how to swim”.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the amazing architecture of Sydney from the water. This will be an experience I remember long after I leave Australia.

We didn’t want the day to end. We were out there for a good three and a half hours, but we honestly could have stayed out on the water all day.

We were lucky enough to have perfect weather and are both still on a high from the experience days later. My slightly crazy side kind of wished it would have started raining. I know it would be some people’s idea of a fresh hell, but I think it would have been just as beautiful. We’re looking forward to going again in a few weeks time, so maybe we’ll be lucky to get some rain then!


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