Bringing the WOW factor to Mother’s Day

Originally published on The Truth About Mummy

Mother’s Day. The rules around here are pretty simple. It’s the one day of the year that mum doesn’t have to do anything …. unless of course she wants to. I get to relax, watch TV, read my book or simply snooze on the couch all day – if I want to. For that one day a year there is no such thing as housework or cooking and definitely no cleaning up after little people. Oh my lordybe it’s blissful and I look forward to and savour every minute of it.

To be honest there have never been any big fancy presents involved. I get the normal array of home-made cards and hand-picked flowers …….. and they make me happy. Last year my Nature Boy took the girls out and they all bought me a plant for the front garden. That made me happy too. Nothing like a living reminder of something your kids chose because they love you.

But this year Mother’s Day came a little early around here ….thanks to RedBalloon Gift Baskets. And it involved the arrival of two of the most amazingly awesome boxes to my front door. Just the look of the boxes alone was enough to make my day – without even looking to see what was inside.

But, as you do, after taking enough time to admire them and dreaming just a little about what might be inside, I gently pulled on the ribbon and took a peek. (Funny how the guessing and wondering can almost be as much fun as the opening.)

My early Mother’s Day present turned out to be an awesome Cheese Making set from Red Balloon called ‘For the Love of Cheese’. Everything I need to make my own Camembert and Blue cheese. Camembert Cheese I love – yummo. (The Blue not so much.) But still how much fun being able to make my own cheese – I cannot wait to have time to try it out.

RedBalloon have a great selection of Gift Boxes available if you’d like to say ‘thank-you‘, ‘congratulations or ‘I love you‘ to someone extra special – especially mum this Mother’s Day. Honestly receiving a great package in the mail has to be up there on the list of great life experiences!

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