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Our Project Manager Pete recently dined out with an eight course degustation delight.

I’m a self-confessed foodie. I don’t mean that I’m a contender for Masterchef or a sophisticated epicure… I  just LOVE food! So when I purchased my friend Alex the 8 Course Degustation Dinner – For 2 for her birthday it wasn’t an entirely selfless act (if you know what I mean) – I had a hidden agenda and you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to spot it. It’s safe to say my cunning plan paid off and Alex invited me along to be her plus one for a decadent degustation experience. 

After a pre-dinner cocktail at one of Sydney’s trendy small bars we arrived at our dining venue, Galileo restaurant, at 7pm. We were shown to our table straight away and made comfortable. In fact, throughout the entire evening the restaurant staff were professional, efficient but also warm and friendly. Despite the very high quality venue and cuisine, the experience was not overly formal.

I delegated the task of choosing the wine to Alex and she made a great selection. It was a lovely red that went well with all of the courses. As we sat back to enjoy the evening we noticed that a number of other diners were there for the degustation and they looked very happy indeed. We knew we were in for some mouthwatering dishes. 

As each course arrived, the waiter placed down the plates in front of us and explained precisely what was in the dish. They were all sublime and beautifully presented. If you tried to force me to pick a favourite I would find it very difficult choose. In fact, I’d insist on going back to Galileo to try the 8 courses all over again… just to help me make up my mind of course.

NZ line caught blue eye cod - Shellfish marinière, eggplant caviar, farro

Part way through the evening the lovely restaurant manager paid us a personal visit. She wanted to check that everything was going well and to wish us “a very pleasant evening at Galileo”. It was a nice touch that made a special evening feel even more special.

The degustation experience is 8 courses with an optional cheese course for a modest supplement. We found that the 8 courses, the finale being the Assiette of yuzu – Tonka bean meringue with campari syrup, were sufficient for us. At the end of the evening our taste buds were giddy with joy and we were pleasantly full. 

Thanks to the staff at Galileo for a wonderful evening. The food was delectable and the service was as good as any restaurant I’ve been to anywhere in the world. I would recommend this experience to foodies, and to non-foodies that are open to being converted. Trust me – your taste buds will thank you.

8 Course Degustation Dinner – The Menu

Course 1: Amuse bouche (surprise course, changes daily)

Course 2: Tasmanian Ocean Trout – Cucumber puree, trout roe, yoghurt, sumac

Course 3: Quail – Foie-gras, quince compote, Jerusalem artichoke

Course 4: NZ line caught blue eye cod – Shellfish marinière, eggplant caviar, farro

Course 5: Intermediare (surprise course, changes daily)

Course 6: Cervena venison saddle – Red cabbage, apple puree, madeira sauce

Course 7: Pre Dessert (surprise course, changes daily)

Course 8: Assiette of yuzu – Tonka bean meringue, campari syrup

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