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Our Software Developer Chau works closely with 13 guys and girls who are heavy coffee addicts, so she recently learnt how to make the perfect cup of steaming hot coffee!

In the IT world, developers are considered “organisms who turn coffee into code”, but for some reason I’m the exception. I’m not sure why but caffine just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve always been curious about coffee though, so I asked my fellow team mates why they love it  and how they can tell a good cup from an bad one. Different members of the team gave me different answers, so I decided to take my curiosity to a three hours barista course. Here’s what I learnt about the most popular beverage on the planet.

Fun Facts

- Coffee was found for the first time in Ethiopia. It comes from cherry seeds that grow on trees.

- From the seed to the cup, coffee travels a long way. It’s planted, then harvested, processed, dried, milled, roasted, grinded and brewed.

- The aroma and flavour of coffee is produced by the oil locked inside the beans.

- When you order for a hot coffee, the baristas will froth the milk to 70oC, otherwise the normal milk temperature will be adjusted between 55oC to 65oC.

Practice makes perfect

After our theory session we spent two hours learning how to operate the espresso machine, practicing texturing milk and ultimately making the most basic cup of coffee-  a short black, which is the foundation for all varieties of coffee drinks.

I have never made so many cups of coffee in my life! Cappuccino, latte, flat white, mocha, espresso/short black, long black, short macchiato, long macchiato, hot chocolate, vienna coffee and Babycino (so cute!). It took me three attempts to make most of the cups, but overall I was so thrilled and proud of myself.

The instructors made these designs to show us the different types of latte art.

We were then shown how to create latte art, how to adjust the grinder and how to clean up the equipment. What I liked most about the lesson was that everything was so easy to understand. The theory and practice sessions were well organised and the instructors had a great sense of humour.

This course is a fantastic three hour investment, which will expand your knowledge and increase your appreciation for coffee.

The overall experience also gave me a whole new level of apprecation for baristas. A good barista has to be able to work under pressure, understand everything about coffee, be able to concentrate and deliver the final product with a smile. 

So who wants a coffee?


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