Tour of Melbourne Lane Ways

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Last weekend I headed into the heart of Melbourne for a RedBalloon walking tour of Melbourne’s lane ways.

I jumped at this opportunity as I always hear of these fabulous things going on in these little nooks and so on, but honestly wouldn’t even know where to look.

I learnt about the Bee Project (housing bees on city roof tops) and sampled some of their honey, found out about the world of Zines.

Was absolutely mesmerized by all the beautiful architecture and loved hearing about the history behind it, as well as what Melbourne is doing to protect it moving forward.

I couldn’t walk past the Babushka Doll Shop without purchasing a small one for my daughter. I think I might have to purchase the Santa one down the track, simply Divine.

Not being a coffee drinker was very impressed with Ko Ko Black where I had my first ever Chocolate Affogato, OMG people OMG!

But most of all I just appreciated the opportunity to soak in all that atmosphere.

A lifestyle I’m not usually privy too.

I totally adored having a day to myself, spent with a good friend, in a lovely and small tour group. The guide was well equipped with knowledge and was happy to answer plenty of questions.

I now am very motivated to head back into the city without an agenda, to head back to some of the hidden gems I was introduced to and really have another good look around.

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