Little dog with a BIG dog personality

Our Online Marketing Coordinator Crina was in animal heaven on her We Care day.

Did someone say PUPPIES????? It’s not every day you get the chance to spend a full working day playing, feeding, cleaning, hugging and squeezing adorable little animals until your heart’s content.

As part of our employee experience, every RedBallooner has the opportunity to support a charity of their choice for a day each year. This year a few of my colleagues and I chose to volunteer at the Sydney Dog and Cats Shelter. And what a day it was!

After arriving and taking a tour of the premise, we were introduced to Jet, Snickers, El Greco and Grommet and started our day off with a walk to the park. I was partnered with Grommet – a small affectionate grey poodle who set quite a pace for what turned out to be a rather brisk walk around the block.  I even learned the art of poop scooping. How delightful.

Then we set up the overnight kennels for when the pups were ready for bed. We stocked each kennel with a bed full of blankets, a bowl of water and a funny toy called a ‘Kong’. A Kong is just your average rubber toy to the untrained eye, but inside awaits a surprise of doggy biscuits and canned dog food ensuring that the little guys are occupied all night!

Then it was time to share the love with some feline friends in the cat sanctuary – a beautiful, newly refurbished enclosure where cats and kittens spend their days basking in the sunshine, climbing perches and being stroked by fellow volunteers. Let’s just say I was pretty close to putting this little one inside my jumper and walking out.    

At RedBalloon we strongly believe in the value of generosity both in the office and in the community. Days like this, where we give back and make a difference, make me proud to be a RedBallooner.

The Sydney Dog and Cat Shelter truly is a little dog with a BIG dog personality, doing a remarkable job at keeping our furry cohorts happy, healthy and very well loved. Thank you for having us – we will be back to volunteer again!


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