Paella Cook-Up

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I saw the word RedBalloon and I’m throwing my hand in the air, “Pick me, Pick me”. So I score and win the chance to experience RedBalloon for myself. Only unlike some others I drew the short straw and instead of an awesome massage or exciting balloon ride I scored a fry pan! I can think of many uses for a fry pan other than cooking!

On top of that I’m supposed to suggest it as a Mother’s Day gift! Yeah, go figure!

“Here Mum, Happy Mother’s Day now go cook lunch”.

However! It’s not like that at all. It is in fact quite a unique, different and fun gift idea, not just for Mother’s Day but for any day. A hint though, if you are considering getting this gift for your Mother. DO NOT tell her to go cook you lunch. You may end up with a fry pan experience of a whole physical nature. In fact there’s an incidental plan to foil your plans. An ingredient used in Paella needs to be soaked for 24hrs, so that will put a break on your home cooked meal plans!

I’ve loved Paella ever since attending a country fair in 2012 where I experienced Paella for the first time, since then I’ve seen it take off in Australia and become a very much desired food.

My RedBalloon Paella experience started with the exciting arrival of a big RED box beautifully tied with a BIG ribbon. Inside I found not just one item but several. Starting with a Paella cooking pan and ending with a small tub of brightly coloured saffron strands. 3 suggested Paella recipe cards are provided, covering 3 very different styles. Chicken, vegetarian and seafood. I went for the chicken – country style.

I cooked up the Paella for lunch so that it was an enjoyable experience not a dinner demand with hungry, craving, tired mouths to feed. It was the right choice, I enjoyed the cooking time and the recipients got to dodge the usual lunchtime sandwiches.
With Mother’s Day almost upon us perhaps a Paella experience is a great idea. You can check it out further and place your order over at RedBalloon – Mother’s Day Gifts.


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