Jetpack Joyride

Working at RedBalloon means I’m often experiencing things that are a little outside the ordinary. My first experience was a Harley Davidson tour of the city. Last year I went diving with sharks at Manly, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and went rally driving.

Jetpacking is a really unique and exciting experience, especially as it’s only just become available in Australia. So as soon as it was loaded onto the RedBalloon site, everyone in the office was talking about it and adding to their wish lists. My name was drawn out of a hat as a reward for my monthly results and I was given the opportunity to test it out myself. I felt a little bit bad as one of my colleagues had been eyeing it off for ages (but not bad enough to not go!)

We arrived to find an American doing barrel roles on his second go, which was a bit intimidating. After we suited up, my colleague Becca jumped in the water. I was expecting to watch her make plenty of mistakes so I could learn from what she did wrong, but Becca’s an adrenaline junky and was soaring through the air like a pro pretty quickly.

Becca showing off

Next thing I knew, it was my turn and I was quite literally thrown in the deep end – the first thing I had to practice was face planting! Becca and I had a thorough briefing before we touched the water and Greg’s handy tips through the earpiece in my helmet really helped.

Getting started

Soon enough I was also soaring through the air. We each had plenty of time in the water and found that the more time we had, the more confident we became. Greg added some extra challenges along the way, adding to the excitement of the experience.

Getting the hang of things

I would highly recommend jetpacking and can’t wait to go again. I haven’t stopped talking about it and love re-living the fun by watching my complimentary video.

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  1. Posted July 26, 2013 at 12:16 pm | Permalink

    What a brilliant idea! The pics look awesome and I think I might spoil myself and buy this experience just for me (because i’m worth it).

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