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A Rousing Greeting

Huskies, Huskies, Huskies!

Let it be said. My Husband is a lucky man. Last year for his birthday we went Husky Dog Sledding in the Hunter Valley (as he’s a huuuuge dog lover) and of course he wasn’t going without me! We turned up bright and early to the property in Belford to a rousing chorus of excited [...]

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Oh yeah baby

Pat a Cheetah? Why not?

Being a tragic National Geographic Nerd when I was a kid, and going through phases of being a zoologist as well as a marine biologist- I’ve always wanted to have a hands on experience with animals. The Pet a Cheetah experience was my chance to fulfill the inner geek and get up close and personal [...]

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Would you share your lunch with this furry guy?

Lunch with Llamas

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to share your lunch with a furry llama? The answer is probably no. Unless you knew that this absurdity was actually possible, you would never have even thought to ask the question. But seeing as Lunch with Llamas is an experience on offer at RedBalloon, I thought I’d go behind the scenes and find out what lunching with llamas is all about.

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