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King of the Jungle!

Lions and Tiger and Bears..and Butterflies. Oh My!

Ben Upton’s review of his trip to the Zoo. After working over Xmas, I felt it was time for a well-earned break. In late January, I decided to take a short trip down to Bendigo to see some family with my wife. How can you go to Victoria though, without spending some time in Melbourne. [...]

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Mum & Dad

Cruise to the Zoo – with the Gleeson Crew.

Recently my mum and dad came to visit from Tassie. Cue the two-headed, inbred jokes – it’s better to get them out of your system before we go any further. Done? Good, let’s get on with it then…

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What’s it like to meet the world’s fastest land mammal, able to reach speeds over 100km? How would you feel about patting and playing with one of these terrifying hunters?

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